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How to pave the Earth

**** One of the evil deeds that can pay off the greatest dividends over the long haul is that of resurfacing an entire planet. Not only are the opportunities for vehicular travel greatly enhanced, but the elimination of scrubby wastelands, maze-like wetlands, and craggy mountain slopes will deprive your enemies of many of the hiding places on which they depend on escaping your surveillance. Although some aspects of the job such as shaving down mountain ranges may require impressively heavy munitions, the vast majority of the work can be carried out by minions working with easy to procure, simple to operate equipment using a variety of raw materials which can take advantage of those you have close at hand. Viewed from space, the Earth will never look more impressive once you have clad her in your own sheathing.

*Evil plotpoints

  1. Drawing up plans.. One attractive strategy for getting started with paving the Earth is to start with those places which are nearly all done, and expand them out into the surrounding countryside. Once separate regional paving efforts meet and join up, resources can be redeployed to additional nucleation sites on the lands in between. In your timeline, pay attention to seasonal factors particularly at extreme latitudes.
  2. Lining up contractors. Unless you have already conquered the whole of the Earth, you will need to choose whether to form your work crews primarily with slaves, conscripts, convicts, or automata. Given the diversity of settings in which the work will be carried out, each of these will work best in one or two particular niches. As the indigenous population is displaced, you can acquire additional labor resources along the way leading to a rapid increase in pace when the effort goes into full swing.
  3. Pouring. Once the site has been prepared and an underlayer of loose gravel has been provided, deposition of the pavement coating requires a not inconsiderable amount of precision to insure a durable, uniform result. Provide for innovations allowing your crews to pour in a more or less continuous fashion at the same rate the prep and the finish steps proceed, for the best outcome.
  4. Finishing. A sealant is a good idea to maximize the degree the planet-wide surface will resist the violent weather that will ensue after everything has been paved. Markings on this large-scale project should be bold and iconic to be visible from a very, very long way off. You may wish also at this time to install any additional surface elements such as artificial lighting or machine gun nests while you still have the original plans open.

At grade

! Strokes of genius

  • Famine. Farmers and ranchers (and to a lesser degree, hunters and fishermen) can be vocal opponents out of proportion to their numbers, up to the point where you are able to round them up and make the protests go away. Replaces their roles with industrial works producing the basic nutrients needed to sustain life, or else switch things over to a completely inorganic scheme where humans play no role.
  • Greenhouse warming. The urban heat islands so familiar to us at the present time will no longer be present in the ultimate state, as the contrast between what is urban and what is rural will disappear. This will of course have a large effect on the global climate, which you want to situate yourself to exploit as soon as possible. After a certain percentage of the globe has been covered, things will tend to change extremely rapidly so you will have to set up your preparations for this well in advance.
  • Watery places. The predomination of ocean masses over continental ones need pose no permanent obstacle to your paving campaign. Your activities can start to tackle these regions using pontoons and cantilevers to bridge over the waters, up to the time where climate change is sufficient to flash the oceans into vapor and you can access the seafloor regions directly, filling in the deep trenches with the overburden you have claimed from high mountain regions.
  • Vehicular traffic. One obvious side benefit of paving the Earth is the great expansion of opportunities for motorized transport. A new world order which your forces dominate is one where you are free to write the laws as to who can travel and how, and who must stay put.
  • Large-scale lava. An alternate approach is to arrange for surface heating to several thousand degrees, sufficient to liquefy the rock so that it will flow and cool as an igneous paved surface. If you can afford the staggering energy budget, this is by far the best way to get rapid results.

!! Traps for mere fools

  • Potholes.
  • Visible seams.
  • Weedy margins.
  • Noisy protesters.
  • Uneven topographies. Pre-existing valleys and mountains need to be averaged out to produce an ideal substructure to be paved over. You may also wish to construct slip zones in seismic regions so as to avoid creating a future maintenance headache for yourself.
  • Micromanagement.


+ Precious and needful

  • Orange cones.
  • Flagmen and women and robots.
  • Explosives. Blasting caps, dynamite, and thermonuclear blasts.
  • Supermegagraders.

Further plotting

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