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Pixels on a screen and the downfall of reason
Posted by GrinningSkull on Sun 27 of Sept., 2009 17:08 EDT
Sometimes it is just too much like honest work, just being a villain, and one has to find ways to rediscover the allure of doing bad on your own terms, without being compared to what every other evil individual might have accomplished or having to play up to the petty concerns of your opposite numbers among the forces of good. At times when this mundane ennui most threatens my equilibrium, I like to take a vacation from the real world and break things up in a brand-new virtual world either of my own or one that I can invade to do my mischief. It can be so refreshing to turn one's hand to pure plotting without having to face the same old questions about economic viability, of biologic limitations, or historic fact, instead boldly taking reckless brushstrokes to an empty canvas in order to craft a hitherto undreamt of monstrosity. For in the brave new virtuality where you hold the reins, dragons can lounge menacingly on every streetcorner, human playthings can be subjected to abuse far past the point of endurance of any standard mind or body, and dead men can still exhibit conversational aptitude, all to the dismay of your helpless victims.

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