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Getting to Aye
Posted by GrinningSkull on Sun 18 of Oct., 2009 15:40 EDT
AvastFrom all accounts, there is nothing quite like the sound of an Atlantic hurricane whipping through the tattered rigging of a seventeenth century pirate ship you have outfitted yourself, one which imprints itself into the memory indelibly quite apart from the degree of success or failure with which the actual pirating activities may have met. But to get to that point the inexperienced supervillain needs to attend to an enormous number of petty little details, many of which seeming on their face to be far away from the notion of freebooting along the Spanish Main, yet stubbornly having some essential role in the buccaneer ecosystem. Many of these are traditionally passed on orally by those who have served on such vessels, a population which is these days inconvenient and rather unpleasant to access first-hand, which all helps to make our little guide to getting started with outlaw sea roving a welcome compass heading to those who might through unpreparedness blunder into a whiff of grape-shot administered broadside by a vessel under the flag of some Majesty or another.

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