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An update for the knife and stone altar set
Posted by GrinningSkull on Thu 12 of Aug., 2010 06:15 EDT
Monte-Snyder,Some of the pieces here on the wiki are perennial in interest, and during this second season of Evilhow we will be sprucing up and revisiting one of these every week in order to bring you the fullest possible evil experience. This week's revision of the popular page How to worship an evil god lays out the basics of setting up and running a repellent cult in order to contribute a powerfully horrific aura to all your dealings. We have consulted a number of eminent authorities with eons of experience in slaking the unholy thirsts of kakodemons and she-devils and present their practical tips in one place for you, the eager dark hierophant, to consume. A few small adjustments in your common practice will, in my experience, serve to freshen up a sacrificial routine gone slightly stale, and contrary to most sectarian nightmares, it does not have to involve costly structural makeovers. The true believer can incorporate a few bits of flashy showmanship, while the cynical hypocrite can learn from the soul-rending depictions from Hell that adorn this monstrous work.

Grinning Skull (friendfeed (external link))

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