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This finally gets to the heart of the matter
Posted by CapellaNovafyre on Sun 18 of Sept., 2011 06:43 EDT
Saboten-Con If you think about it, almost all of literature just comes down to the study of How to compel someone to love you except for the parts where people are just fighting each other (and even some of those, come to think of it), so it is surprising people look down on the subject so much in favor of evil schemes that concentrate on piling up a lot of money or destroying a continent or something. I mean, if people are always talking about it, making movies and writing songs about it, selling herbal medicines on the Internet designed to help with one or another aspect of it, then it ought to be right up there at number one when it comes to important topics, and yet here we are, in Season 3 of this website, just getting around to the subject of forcing people to fall in love. It just goes to show how shortsighted and ignorant people are when it comes to the things that really seem to matter from a practical standpoint forgetting about that sweet, sweet feeling of having a particular someone (or, even better, a whole crowd of someones) directing their concentrated adoration capabilities toward you, which I bet most people would take over whatever petty satisfactions they are concentrating their personal radar on for who knows what reason. Anyway.


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