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All can live as one, and that one can be YOU
Posted by GrinningSkull on Thu 27 of Nov., 2008 08:37 EST
I have put up another wiki page in our planetary series, this one devoted to the topic How to make the world live as one, a thing people talk a lot about at this time of year, but generally do very little to effect. The main reason for this it seems to me is lack of information on how to go about such a project, perhaps more than any other dirty deed covered here.

It is not primarily a matter of insufficient technology, since all of the necessary elements are already in existence in some form. Instead, it is, at the outset, more of a management problem, one which starts out too large for one mind to encompass, and which aims toward an outcome that pretty much precludes letting other people in on the plan, so aspiring fiends tend to turn away in despair. Buck up bad guys! You can bring the world under your sway, spreading your influence like a virus, growing the tendrils of your surveillance network, and retooling planetary industry bit by bit to your will, and you can begin today. Simply do as I do, focusing on how future generations will celebrate your deeds, and never ever give up.

Grinning Skull (friendfeed (external link))

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