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Thar she slithers!

kHey, I'm back again. The critter-related subject this time is How to release a kraken with an emphasis on the more warlike aspects of dealing with these huge irascible slimy customers. It turns out that my only dealings with a kraken have been strictly off of the nautical dispute beat, actually, mostly just gawking at them from an icy fjord where I might be foraging for some tasty seaweed or perhaps just a peep at one through a porthole in a submarine when we might be heading down to one of our ocean trench bottom hideaways. Impressive-looking specimens, I must say, and by all accounts more intelligent than one might suppose based on their lineage. Yeah, like I should talk.

There are all kinds of krakens out there, those that look like calamari squid seen through binoculars, those which look like aquatic bigfoots with tentacles, and look like they have dropped down here from an alien shores. What they all seem to have in common however is a wish to be free and lead their own lifestyle, and who can blame them if they cause a big fuss when they have been deprived of their liberty? Certainly not the other freedom-loving, lifestyle-pursuing entities of varied and sometimes monstrous appearance that I see around these parts.

We here have spoken with a number of experts on the topic of releasing krakens and have distilled their experience and related body of knowledge into a fairly comprehensive article, I think, that might I hope be helpful for someone seeking to take on the Zeus role of their dreams someday. Anyone who takes our advice on this, good luck and let us know how it all goes, all right?

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