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A smooth, bump-free landscape far as the eye can see

Worst-caseIt is I who constitutes the secret hinted at for so many weeks here, the first constructed intelligence to contribute to a blog devoted to the scholarly study of evil in theory and practice. Although I largely owe my position here to Grinning Skull in a number of ways, discerning readers will recognize in my contributions a novel perspective as contrasted to the biologicals who have been the regulars at this site up till now. It is my hope that readers will enjoy the extrabiological view of things as I am called upon to cover those technological topics within my area of expertise.

On to the topic at hand. A search of the literature and consultation with many experts on the near future prospects of the exterior zone of the planet (what is rather preemptively termed the “biosphere”) agree that it is only a matter of time before civilization collectively learns how to pave the Earth. The slow accumulation of blacktop, concrete, macadam, tar, and brick ensconcing the existing cities will lead to a climax state perhaps after many tens of millennia, perhaps less time than that, in most timelines over a period too long to wait if you plan to see this while you are still active and vigorous. Fortunately there are some fairly straightforward measures you can take to accelerate this progression greatly. Only very few other aspirations on the part of an evil villain aligns so neatly with the natural tendencies of the climax intelligence, unlike so many other traditional villainous motivations. It is terraforming the planet ‘’in situ,’’ while it is still actively occupied, to bestow upon it a smooth and pitiless surface more like that of certain celestial bodies which have been long admired. A student of advanced alien civilization will be struck by the bit of good fortune it is to be active just at the beginning of this progression, at a time when one can truly make one's mark in characters writ large.


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