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Easy pickings have their attractions too

Now I have often said that world-class supervillains need to stop obsessing about technically beautiful capers which net small amounts of money, say a few thousand or few tens of thousand dollars, and realize that big scores in the seven figure range and up are not beyond their capabilities. It is all a matter of targeting the deepest pockets around, and in this modern world, the people with the most assets are almost never the ones with the flashy fortresses or the awe-inspiring armies of decorticated thralls but more likely the drab grey capitalists with a foundation and a mansion with a gate. The kinds of enterprises they run are less apt to be the bulk antimatter trade and more something like grownups playing with a ball. A tiny application of leverage against a brisk flow of capital can divert substantial monies to one's bank account at comparatively little risk, especially when it comes to convincing people with a sketchy education and a patchwork moral tapestry simply to behave in their own self-interest. It may not be the most efficient way to set one's pulse racing or lead to the most admired stories when comparing tales with other evildoers, but it can be just the type of stable area of venality that can form a foundation for one's more exotic transgressions.

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