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On generosity from the hopelessly corrupt

I would like to address the question about the utility of How-to articles (external link), since that, at core, is what we are all about here at evilHow. How, one might ask, does a wiki/blog/forum website that purports to teach people the most modern techniques and best practices employed by evil masterminds expect to succeed in the busy marketplace of ideas, when it is up against dozens or perhaps hundreds of sites informing web surfers many more immediately practical tips they can apply in their daily lives? Things like making an obscene fortune blogging, or making their skin glow with health, or dilating ones pupils on command (external link) (the ocular kind, not the grade-school kind)? How, indeed, can one sell the idea that anyone, given a modicum of talent and a big helping of perseverance, can break the planet? or sell out one's own species, when a few moments of logical analysis would reveal that at most one person, and probably not even that many, could succeed in those endeavors, and that person has not made the slightest indication that such machinations are immediately forthcoming in the near future?

In short, don't sweat it. We here at evilHow know what we are doing. Even though we may give the impression that we are giving away all the precious secrets of the trade, you may rest assured that there is a vast mountain of festering arcana which we have not even alluded to, much less divulged. You may speculate at our reasons for this reticence, but it is not our intention to confirm or deny any dark hypotheses for this coyness, except to point out that it points out that we are in a position to keep up this evil genius education and advice gig for a long time to come. Rejoice or despair, as you prefer.

Grinning Skull (friendfeed (external link))
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