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The tromp of metal feet

One enduring perennial topic among aspiring supervillains is that of How to get started with giant robots. The creation of a menacing android servant is virtually the sign that the evil genius has completed his or her villanous apprenticeship, sort of the Jedi Knight's lightsaber (external link) or the CipherKnight's Ciphersabre (external link) that grants admission to the order. How else to explain this fellow's fascination with his robot rickshaw (external link), a gadget that must surely be a pest to maintain day-to-day?

It is a demanding pastime in which to engage, making it just about perfect as a mastermind filter, without which our fell ranks would be swollen with dilettantes and braggarts. At the same time, it is some of the best advertising one can buy, an irresistible target for frantic word of mouth as well as to national or international media. And a formidable rank upon rank of pitiless robot infantry is a famously well-suited bulwark against allied forces bent upon bringing down one's evil empire. Whether one admires them for their artistry or fears them for their destructive potential, one can scarcely bring oneself to ignore these soulless masterpieces of technocratic artifice.

Grinning Skull (friendfeed (external link))
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