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My kingdom for a gravcar!'

So, did you like miss us or whatever?
When our posse has something going down, I usually never think of whether I might have an opportunity for snappy quotes, much less a quote from Shakespeare that might dazzle and stupefy the other guys maybe at a ticklish point in their resistance, which is kind of too bad, because that kind of thing isn't nearly as strenuous as the kind of fighting or support work that normally is assigned my way. Plus even if I did set something good up and up and pipe at the critical point, it is often the case that the place is too noisy for a person to be heard clearly by someone who's likely to be a survivor of whatever it is, so maybe they mishear the thing and think it was something like "fried haddock and let's lose some dogs and slaw" instead of what it's supposed to be, and though that might certainly be a notable and unique line, it maybe doesn't have the kind of oomph behind it that makes for a proper story afterwards (one that sounds cool, anyway), and if they end up getting wasted anyway or driven mad, they probably don't even get a chance to repeat it to anyone anybody cares about. So since it's really kind of a lot more tricky than people think, it's a good thing we're back on here with an article on the topic, and I am sort of proud to be the one to announce it, you know.

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