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Flaming dudes are tricky having around

Used to have this girlfriend who was hanging out with some guy whose big thing was going everywhere covered in fire, at home, out shopping, working out at the gym, all the time, the best I could tell the dude went to sleep that way even, which is pretty weird if you stop and think about it, since he must have lived in a place made completely out of stone or metal or something you would think, (if I'm not mistaken he had some kind of odd job with the movies (external link)) and I remember wondering at the time how they could possibly get along together, since she wasn't in fact the covered in flames type but was just a normal gal more or less. Sometimes she and I would be out somewhere and her phone would ring, and it would be that weird boyfriend of hers, and afterwards I would be like So how does he call you without melting his phone? and Does he have to pay the phone company online since he obviously can't be writing out paper checks? and she would refuse to talk about it. I think she thought I thought they ought to split up, but actually I just thought it was really impractical for him to expect her to have to put up with his thing, since it was so hard to go anywhere with the guy (except the beach, a couple times) and furthermore what kind of thing do you buy someone like that, who doesn't wear normal clothes like everyone else, which you might laugh about but it gets to be a really important issue around the holidays and birthdays and stuff like that. Anyhow it didn't end up lasting, she took up with some Puerto Rican guy whose thing was about raising mutant crocodile-people or something like that and she ended up moving in with that guy I think. Seems like she just got tired of being the flame-guy's girlfriend and all.


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