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How to oppress the meek

****It can be uncommonly difficult to prey upon whimpering, simpering specimens of humanity on occasion if one goes about the task incorrectly. Hesitations, whether minute or large, false starts, and premature abandonment of a course which could have led to victory, these are all part of he heavy toll that an overly developed sense of altruism can take on your master plan. In a larger sense, there is a kind of damage that accrues to society when it is encouraged to produce docile and uninspired subjects, exactly the kind of populace that is fodder for your ravening appetite for violent transformation, leaving the body strengthened by having its weakest portions cut out. Abominable fiends everywhere regard oppression of the meek to be healthful to their own evil spirit as well, some of them making it a point to commit at least one vile pointless act of subjugation daily.

*Evil plotpoints

  1. Attitude. You are the hand of evolution; you embody natural selection, and something greater than yourself animates your every action. An unfortunate character trait has been built into humans to protect the weak and helpless. To become successful at what you seek, you must conquer this. Remember: those you put down are complicit in the way they have chosen to lead their lives in a way so different from your own
  2. Deaf ears. Ignore pleading, remonstration, begging, and bargaining. You have a role to fulfill and a fate to work out, and no amount of talk or demonstrative emotionality will change that.
  3. Lay out demands. To make sure that everyone on both sides knows that this is strictly an act of aggression, and not some pain inflicted out of negligence, exercise your ultimatum-making skills upon the downtrodden. After a judicious length of time has elapsed, escalate the requirements to the point of a fresh sense of misery. Repeat.

! Strokes of genius

  • Never let up. You need to make repression a habit. Quashing the hopes and aspirations of a group of people and then allowing them to reacquire them unfettered only leads to a strengthening of the urge to resist on their part. You need to either exercise the discipline to keep your boot on their collective throats, or to designate a subordinate sufficiently barbaric and ruthless to do this on your behalf.
  • Trading. There is a kind of delight in seeing the many varied ways that other villains trample upon those lesser beings who cross their path — some purely psychological in thrust, others crude and brutal, and still others bordering on sheer lunacy. Learn all you can from the panoply of horrors others have come up with and you will never need to fall into a rut.

!! Traps for mere fools

  • Humanizing the victim. When you think of the victim as a fellow human you start down a slippery slope. If you think of them at all, it should be as a lower order of being than yourself — mere humans instead of superhuman.
  • Look back in anger. Once you have finished with a population, either through depleting them in numbers or through an orderly set of goals having been met, there is little point in rehashing things which could have gone better during your reign of terror or dwelling on those who managed to slip through your dragnet. What's done is done, and the prudent evildoer will know to replenesh that psychic energy concentrating on their next set of prey.

+ Precious and needful

  • Iron determination.
  • Game face.
  • Heart of stone. Or some stone-like material.
  • Nose in air.

Dan Tagues State of Fear

Further plotting

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