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twistedWho am I? Who am I indeed! I am the horror from out of your childhood memories, the shape in the mist that blasts all that is dear to you, the bringer of misery and woe to the one and the many.

GrinningSkull is beyond time and beyond conception by puny mortals. If you seek to destroy me on account of my many, many despicable deeds, you dream. Besides, he is is semi-retirement, seeking only to pass on his unparalleled knowledge to the next generation of fiends. And if any sets him- or herself us as my rival, that one will be DeParticlized, in good time.

GrinningSkull is also your host at evilHow. Pleased to meet you.

Image credit Gareth as Skeletor (external link) by Jamie Durrant on Flickr (external link)Gareth as Skeletor

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