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The Vegan Pit Viper speaks. Organization |


He is a Vegan Pit Viper. That does not mean that he comes from a planet orbiting the star Vega, it means he prefers not to eat meat. He will bite and poison people, but won't do so for reasons of nutrition but only out of cussedness.

He knows that Grinning Skull regards him as a subordinate, a social inferior, as his familiar, but he thinks of him as merely one of his best buds. To edit the wiki he doesn't type, he uses dictation software.

He and Capella have an understanding, one of kindred spirits, two who know how to enjoy themselves. They would like to leave it at that.

In the best of all worlds, he would like to do something with children.

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Image credit Bamboo Pit Viper (external link) by Enygmatic-Halycon on Flickr (external link)

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