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Your bathtub is the ocean
Posted by GrinningSkull on Sun 08 of Aug., 2010 12:21 EDT
DSC00399Jewels are attractive and magical items are intriguing, but the best way to tell whether an evil overlord has truly made it to the most exalted ranks of our profession is to inquire as to whether they have purloined an ocean liner of their own, and, if not, what on Earth they are waiting for. Achieving one of these is a sort of evildoers pentathlon, attesting to his or her organizational skills, talent with arms, fortitude in the face of adversity, deceptive creativity, and casual ruthlessness, and if the individual has a number of cruise vessels they now call their own, you know you are dealing with someone rather special. For a while there, it was nearly a fad for up and coming fiends to establish their vile credentials by lifting a megayacht or a pleasure barge, trading up toward the multi hundred thousand ton class as they go, but the inevitable costly losses of promising talent led the governing bodies for villainy (such as they are) to discourage this activity unless there is clear and compelling need for the nautical bauble in question, lest the nouveau bad be snubbed socially for their airs.

Modesty forbids my commenting on any personal accumulation of luxury berthing. Those days are long passed now for me, although I will admit that I do enjoy observing the proceedings, executed by a master, when I can get a chance. Even the attempts which go awry are instructive and entertaining in some way. Aficionados of the ocean liner rustling sport have a tendency to go on at some length about the ones that got away just as much as the big scores we all know about, and will dwell on the technical misstep that sunk this one, and the faulty timing that dematerialized the other, and so on, which can be offputting to the untutored outsider in the subject.

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