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Taking on the two leg power structure
Posted by Veeper on Thu 28 of Oct., 2010 07:51 EDT
~Now and then I have been in the receiving end of stray remarks and extended conversations about the article on How to keep a giant spider where I figured out that the other person was thinking that I was the original author of it, and not the boss. I think they just naturally assume that I, being a creature not on the human plan, would of course be the one writing about other creatures also markedly non-human. When I thought about it, it seemed kind of funny at first, as if they were not thinking of the idea that my kind, having no legs, is sort of on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum from spiders, who have many. But gradually I came to understand that the common feature is that both of our kinds would look pretty ridiculous on two legs, a thing which I think is not so true about things like birds, many quadrupeds, and even certain insects I could name. Humans have a hard time with those who have a limb count different from their own and this discomfort only grows when you place them in a situation of dire peril involving fangs.


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