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Ever prepared to run for my life
Posted by GrinningSkull on Thu 11 of Nov., 2010 06:07 EST
DSC01214I keep a spare set of running shoes in each of my vehicles in the even that I suddenly find myself needing to exercise my skills in evading pursuit — partly out of long habit and partly just in the expectation that if I ever did neglect to pay strict attention to my escape routes, I would then find myself in sore need of one. Over the years I have seen so many of my colleagues caught up in the more glamorous parts of evildoing suddenly to realize that there is indeed much to be said for the arts of turning tail, disguising one’s identity, and engaging in some intense broken field running, and have instead come to rue the way they had let their acquaintance with those basic techniques grow rusty. Exciting as the chase can be, it never seems to make up a very popular part of the stories that supervillains tell at our get-togethers, for various reasons. I have personally resolved not to let that precise fate befall me and have for the moment been fortunate to let slip all my trackers over this time, and hope that this will continue to be the way things will work well into the future, despite the steady increase in those who wish me no goodwill.

If we here at evilHow suddenly drop out of sight without warning, while the legions of our enemies and detractors seem to wax ever stronger, then I do hope we will have left some sort of awe-inspiring legacy behind us for the many followers who have found something of use in our articles. And if that time comes, I do hope to be out there in my running shoes hewing to the very best of the principles we have promoted here, whether or not I end up re-emerging under this or any other alias.

Grinning Skull (friendfeed (external link))

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