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O the tramp, tramp, tramp of marching feet
Posted by GrinningSkull on Thu 19 of March, 2009 12:56 EDT
Some supervillains who are more political in their disposition than their more anarchic brethren may get some worthwhile tips from the latest wiki page on How to run a police state. Or, if not, at least something to ruminate upon whilst pondering how to stamp out the last vestiges of dissent among your chattels. It turns out it is not simply a matter of taking the local streetcorner goons and dressing them up in sharp uniforms with lots of metal studs on them, though it is to be admitted, that is a good start. An entire society is a living, breathing organism, and like any organism, you just have to know how to coerce it to obey your commands.

I once was conducting an operation in a totalitarian kind of place, not one that I personally had a stake in, strictly a grab and go kind of setup, and I remember well thinking that there were things that I would change were I to be in charge. For instance, it was frustrating to me that no thought had been given to the "buy-in" mechanism where by a petty thief or (as far as one could tell) a local crime syndicate could pay tribute to amalgamate its operations into the secret police force so as to avoid harassment and waste. It smacked of strictly top-down thinking, and it seemed to me that though it is more complicated to have to work with one's populace in order to keep the society at large tamped down, surely that is a more resilient and reliable system for the long run. We got what we were going there for and hightailed it back out, so I didn't have much of a chance to see how much this mentality pervaded the rest of the power structure, but the lesson stuck with me for a long time thereafter.

Grinning Skull (friendfeed (external link))

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