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Of course I look great, I'm EVIL
Posted by CapellaNovafyre on Mon 23 of March, 2009 07:36 EDT
I know How to possess eternal youth and you probably don't because you haven't read the new wiki page that went up just now. HA! Here I am scanning down the list of evilHows and I can hardly find anything anywhere near as useful to know than this, because I'm thinking that it hardly makes any sense to be able to do any of those other things unless you're also able to keep looking good in the process. (I'm not counting the page on How to be an evil consort because it's really kinda the same thing, if you know what I mean.) It gets me really annoyed to go to one of these villain conferences out in some foreign hideaway with these so-called dark lords who rule the world and I look at them and there isn't one who looks less than like 150 (and a hard 150 years at that) despite all the power and wealth they supposedly have, and I'm thinking "Is it that these guys don't even own a mirror?" (And they're all guys, excepting just a few of us of the other sort, who don't usually have this blind spot.) Because there's no way that they could consider their look to be anywhere on the attractive side. A few hours of this and I'm out the back entrance of the hall to get some fresh air, meaning that I have to give my poor eyeballs a rest.

Which of the nuggets of wisdom that you will find on the How to possess eternal youth page I won't post because I don't much want to be stared at by people looking for slipups once they know where to look that they can post on the Internet to bring me down. Nah, let them guess, I say, and maybe they will just decide that there's no evidence to dig up after all because it was all done by my a deal with my own evil deity who didn't leave any traces to be found.


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