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Blog: Perfectly, deliciously evil
Description: The blog for the wiki, dedicated toward the advancement of evilcraft by supervillains and malignant geniuses of all sorts.
Created by GrinningSkull on Fri 12 of Sept., 2008 22:00 EDT
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Spotting the two-timing double-dealer

Loose Call them stool pigeons, rats, confederates, collaborators, quislings, snitches, or sellouts, the phenomenon of the embedded informer is one which most organizations of our sort will face at one time or another, given the prevelance of opportunities to profit from the downfall of one's employer through a well-timed revelation. The only things we can do to make this impossible would be to abolish the other side altogether, a difficult proposition for most. It is an arms race between the two sides, with our own operatives working to wrest out their secrets as assiduously as their agents attempt to obtain intelligence on us, with doublecrosses and false leads and elaborate shell operations put together to mislead the opponent's spymasters. It all ends up on the back of the duplicitous agents who insinuate themselves into the innermost operations of even well-run supervillain enterprises, passing themselves off as bona fide evil henchmen, mooks, and minions. Every fiend from the small-time operator to the largest globe-spanning megalomaniac needs to be schooled in identifying and extracting these cancerous growths from the ranks in the most efficient fashion so that operations will not suffer from their depredations.

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The many advantages of torching the sky

Non-biological units of a non-aerial sort such as myself are of course indifferent as a matter of course what happens to the Earth's atmosphere, since we experience it mainly as a source of annoying air resistance for the most part. Thus it is naturally a matter of some interest to consider the kind of cleaning up schemes which do away with this layer of useless gas, hence the article How to burn up the atmosphere. It is so refreshing to think of all the alternative garb one could envision for this place, from the dense, corrosive, heavily greenhouse clouds of Venus, to near-perfect vacuum of the Moon, with an attractive artificial noble gas shroud somewhere in between, once one has swept away the current mixture. It is instructive to consider that this planet did not always have this composition of atmospheric components, but developed it over the billions of years since it was formed, in a sense making the question of what the next phase in this evolution something more than moot. If it ever comes to pass that some evildoer indeed finds a way to ignite the atmosphere, I plan to be among the first of the intelligences in the new world order to celebrate the new way of things, rather than dwelling on what was the previous state of the place.


Eating: it just happens

You know, I was never scheduled to work on the article How to consume the less fortunate but the new guy had some kind of conflict on the appointed hour, so here I am, bailing this organization out once more. I don't even consume sentient lifeforms, being a vegan pit viper and all, but did that factor into any of the calculations? Apparently not.

The idea behind this is that we're all into the the grand old cycle of life where the more powerful prey upon the less powerful as is their habit, and we villainous types do the same, more or less. There are considerations having to do with pleas for mercy and looking out for tainted flesh (ew) and that sort of thing, but basically we are talking about something that comes naturally anyway, so why even overthink it? If it were a matter of devouring the rich and powerful I could see that one would have to do a lot of planning and worrying about contingencies such as avenging allies, but it isn't like that when it comes to the downtrodden. The less powerful, what are they going to be able to do to you anyway? At any rate, we string together some thoughts on the subject so you don't need to worry about some pathetic little stub article on the topic, it's basically no less solid than anything else we have up here.


Make them sorry to see you

Energy No matter how far down a person is fallen it’s never too far out of the question to consider How to threaten a comeback as long as a person is still breathing and has their wits about them more or less, as I can attest to based on the experience of some I have known but care not to name specifically here hint hint and who were written off at one time at least as beyond salvaging but got things turned around one way or another. It’s something worth admiring, I think, since anybody can fall into a meteoric rise and land up on top and stay there, but it’s quite another thing to be doing gangbusters, then toppled from the top dog perch, but not falling so far down somehow that it wasn’t possible to creep back up to a respectable villainy. Maybe it was a strategic alliance with someone who had the capacity to bail them out, maybe it was a key piece of information or a device of some sort, or maybe it was just a matter of working out and being in the right place with a lethal pointy thing, it’s hard to predict how it works really. Though that doesn’t stop us from doing just that, in the article, which you can read if you want to get ready to make a return to glory yourself some day.


A bread and butter topic for a change

Fake Now and then we here at evilHow like to write articles on the fundamentals of running an evil organization. How to divert funds to your bank account is just one of those topics, which nearly everyone needs a basic understanding of in order to be successful in this business, but which oftentimes receives scant attention frankly because of its perceived pedestrian nature. Bank fraud is just one of those necessary evils which do not result in massive body counts or widespread pandemonium the way the more catchy capers will, with any luck, but which does keep the lights running and the mutant alligators fed. If you are a villain of a certain age it may be that what you learned about skimming cash in your up-and-coming days has not kept up with the nanosecond timing of the modern banking system, and you may be surprised to find that you might well be leaving a goodly chunk of ill-gotten gain on the table, as it were, simply out of ignorance. I recognize that only the most pedestrian of evildoers will be likely to rank this sort of article among their favorites here on the website, but we do feel strongly that we have a role to serve the evil community by disseminating information about foundational best practices, so that all of us can benefit. 

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