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Blog: Perfectly, deliciously evil
Description: The blog for the wiki, dedicated toward the advancement of evilcraft by supervillains and malignant geniuses of all sorts.
Created by GrinningSkull on Fri 12 of Sept., 2008 22:00 EDT
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You cannot be serious

Ho hum, another which supervillain are you? (external link) quiz to take, and the choice of answers you can provide is no better than is usual with such things. Have you never heard of superlatives, people?

Plus I don't know how much I care for this Juggernaut fellow in the end. Somehow he just seems to miss the mark when it comes to capturing my personal élan.

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Still haven't gotten them to wail in harmony yet

Evil masterminds usually become accustomed to having their own way; it is their nature. Thus, the kinds of uncontrollable recollections which ordinary people can shrug off with "What cannot be cured must be endured" pose a particular challenge to the villain, who typically seeks some means, any means, to vanquish the very thing that the strength of their own mind has built up in such a formidable way. Thus we have the advice in the wiki page How to make the voices of your victims stop, which is almost certain to be misunderstood by those who simply have no way to empathize with the plight of the fiend.

Disembodied voices are, above all, nothing that can really harm a person, as long as one does not rely on them either for advice or for forgiveness. Cruel mass murdering abominations generally have a very highly tuned facility for focusing their twisted purviews strictly on the task a hand and would be unlikely to have their schemes derailed by a few imaginary mutterings. In my experience, it takes a just little conditioning to train yourself to a new way to let the voices of your departed prey play themselves out on your internal soundtrack. In time, you may discover that you too can grow quite comfortable with this inner iPod which goes everywhere you go.

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He's not heavy, not anymore

Have you recently wanted to know How to get rid of a corpse? Back in the old days, it was tedious work, fairly conspicuous, and boring to boot. Most folks would designate a minion they did not care much about to attend to things so they would be freed up to do what they preferred. The only saving grace then was that the authorities likely to be out looking for the deceased had very few resources available to them either, so one did not have to do such a bang-up job.

Nowadays technology makes things much easier in this regard, as in so many other areas. Some time soon we'll be able to sprinkle a few nanobots over the face of a stiff and in a few hours find a new leather easy chair in its place. Perhaps we won't even need the concept of actual corpsehood but will have plagues that transmute the living directly into whatever it is you have devised for their ultimate fate. Until that awful date comes, however, there are a few tried and true rules for the insane monstrosity who has a few too many bodies of evidence around. Chief among these is to clean up the mess in a timely fashion: failing to set a disposal plan in play for many hours or days after the deed is a recipe for all sorts of grief, I know.

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Re-launched the wiki page on How to avoid perfectionism, which was, ironically, really, really bad. The worst thing was that nobody mentioned it to me, which I attribute to how awestruck most all the minions are around me (esteem is, somehow, not the right word), so they are hesitant to point out a huge, steaming, pile of crap right out there on the website, even though they have been specifically ordered to do so. I was none to pleased to chance upon it myself, while doing some cleaning up, hastily coming up with a few more cogent ideas to put up there.

But I am going to follow my own advice and try not to let it bother me overmuch. After all, an aspiring evil genius who had looked at the old travesty of a page and had gone astray trying to apply what little was there, or, worse yet, gone away thinking that this evil business is not for him or her, probably would not have been much of an evil genius after all. To Hell with them. And anyone opposed for whatever reasons to the study of evilcraft would be no less appalled and dismayed by the page now even despite the long while it languished, so it ultimately serves its function.

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A brief mention of something that might have happened very, very long ago

Many, many were the times when I needed to know How to send secret transmissions during my dire career. What were these messages about? Well, if I told you, they wouldn't be very secret, would they?

I once knew a lady who had the need to send an urgent and highly sensitive communiqué at a particular time. To a friend of mine. And it was a situation where the message had to travel in broad daylight in a crowded place with a lot of possibly hostile onlookers around. But since this gentlelady did not know of a secure means of transmitting her vital information without it being intercepted, she never ended up making contact with R30; my friend R30; and it turned out badly, very badly, and now the two are no longer in any kind of position to exchange information of any sort, vital or non-vital, any more. If only there had been a parrot trained to speak Etruscan or a set of meaningful hieroglyphs she could have carved on the bottom of her sandals, all of the unpleasant and, I might add, extremely expensive, fallout from this affair might have been avoided once and for all.

By the way, speaking of transmissions, we here at evilHow do watch the Friendfeed linked at the bottom of this post, in case anyone should happen to have the desire to let us know of anything, jointly or severally.

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