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Blog: Perfectly, deliciously evil
Description: The blog for the wiki, dedicated toward the advancement of evilcraft by supervillains and malignant geniuses of all sorts.
Created by GrinningSkull on Fri 12 of Sept., 2008 22:00 EDT
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The volcano guy

I know this guy who set up a lair in a dormant volcano. It's pretty nice, from what I remember, with a four-season snake pit that impressed Veeper, a fly-in hangar, a couple other nice touches. He's trying to get into a new place in an ice shelf or something though, but it's very nearly impossible to make it happen these days.

He's spending all his time trying to increase the eye-appeal to a potential buyer, mopping the mecha build-out room, topping off the virus dewars, dusting his collection of skulls. His big thing now is putting in a French drain to keep the missile command center floor dry. He was asking me whether I knew of any charms or advanced mindcontrol tech to get people to buy his volcano against their will, but I told him that they had to at least come on through first before you could place the whammy on them, and he just has not had any villains come through at all. The trouble is that the reason he wants to move is the same reason keeping other evil geniuses away: the cost of comprehensive insurance. Also, I think I heard that the schools aren't so great over there. It's kind of pathetic to hear of the level of self-delusion he's got going here.

So he's pretty much stuck at his current place. He says he's thinking of putting in some cryonic suspension booths in the caldera to wait out the current market until he can move, but I personally doubt that he has the wherewithal to pull that off too. It's just one of those things that everyone says they're going to do but then they never face up to the bother and expense.

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On endorsements

Let's get a couple things straight. Endorsements by evil potentates do not work to further the cause of political candidate being endorsed. Anyone who would look to an evil supervillain as a guide on how to vote (even if to vote the opposite way commanded) is so severely defective that that person should be de-particlized?.

Furthermore, mortals who think they alone hold the reins of power by dint of election to office are at best naive.

That being said, we must still consider the statement by Al Qa'ida partisan Muhammad Haafid (external link) on the subject of the upcoming US presidential election. Apparently the idea is that that they would prefer a McCain-Palin? administration as an adversary because they are expected to be less likely to do what Al Qa'ida has called for, which is to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, which would degrade them as a target for them to attack. Wily John )McCain( may well decide to answer them back by announcing that they would in fact do the opposite of what Al Qa'ida wants and pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan, seeking instead to oppose them in Iran and Pakistan, where they are not as prepared to fight. And maybe North Korea and Spain as well, depending on his mood of the day, plus setting up a strict theocracy, how do you like them apples? Whereupon Mr. Haafid would issue a statement that that was precisely the reason they will continue to oppose the US and Israel with insane truck-bomb wielding suicide operatives already set up in all those places, ha ha!

This whole matter to me smacks of amateurism, I'm afraid to say. It would have been much more villainous for Muhammad Haafid to tell them that if the American people fail to do everything Al Qa'ida has demanded by November 4th, a terrible wave of destruction will be unleashed on them at the moment they least expect, the sheer horror of which will only be exceeded by the inhumanity of the grinding, metallic onslaught, which will show neither mercy nor compassion to its cursed victims. And the undead will envy the completely dead, and the ones who were redeployed to Kandahar will be re-redeployed to Kankakee, and by the way all the Raptor drones (external link) will fall down suddenly like marshmallows. Just you wait and see.

Take notes for the future perhaps.

I, Grinning Skull, am not endorsing any candidate for president at this time.

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For your ill-advised audiovisual desires

An evilHow correspondent suggested that we have a feature devoted to music reviews which might be of interest to our readers. Fine idea! I set up a new forum topic entitled The evil multimedia forum (external link) for just that sort of thing, along with evil video, evil dramatic readings, evil cutting laser light shows, or any other kind of villanous media content. Because sometimes static images (external link) are just not enough of a stimulus.

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Pimping the threads

The wiki page How to rock an evil wardrobe is my attempt to put some ideas and notions I had in mind in a sort of organized fashion, without worrying about whether it was complete or not, because every day I see crimes against good looks being committed by villains (okay, so I know they are supposed to be committing crimes, but not these kind of crimes) who really could do themselves a favor and spend a half-hour going through their closets and burn those things which aren't doing them justice (not that they are so interested in justice either) by bringing down the image they go on and on about perfecting, just because they don't have a clue about where to start and nobody dares tell them how crappy they're coming across. And these are people I think you would recognize, some of the real high up I mean, who could be rocking and working that fashion end of things at the same time they are bringing badness into the world, who have treasure chambers ten or fifty times bigger than what it would take to put together a decent look, but can't be bothered or don't have any sense at all along those lines, I mean.

Anyway, read, learn, profit.



What motivates a villain? Every villain in his own mind is a hero, just as every person is a hero to himself. A villain just naturally understands the cosmic rule that in order to achieve what he wants fully, others must not achieve what they want. It is the fundamental mechanism of survival of the fittest.

A villain is an individualist, the truest manifestation of Western man, who sees himself as being fully other, not part of a tribe, not part of a flock, but something above and beyond all others. He is the superior outcome of human evolution. Every child of two understands this instinctively, for they have not had the natural drive to achieve and acquire crushed out yet.

The evil villain is drawn to the wild places, the frontiers, where life is untamed and where one's spirit can roam untrammeled. His is a romantic vision, believing that nothing can long evade his grasp and that no dream is truly impossible. He takes the social contract that holds down lesser dreamers and shreds it into tiny pieces. In the vernacular, where the cowering multitude is like "Whoa," he's like all "Dude!" Those who seek to deny his ambition will meet only his contempt and righteous rage. It is a New World spirit.

Contrast the villain's situation with that of the unfortunate hero, who must uphold a system which offers him only limits, which tells him to stay his hand in situations where he could strike to best advantage, which allows him to get the girl (by the way, only one girl), but only should she consent. He can operate with the cheerful consent of society only if he displays at least one fatal vulnerability society can use as control, the very ring in the nose of the bull.

For I have seen heroism and I have seen villainy, and I tell you that villainy is truer and more honest. It is pure in the way a flame is pure. Fighting on behalf of others selflessly is uncompensated loss of self, for they do not long remember; deeds fade in the mists of time and names do likewise, whereas tales of infamy live on forever in the memories of the victims. Every town square has a monument to the forgotten slowly corroding, and every country graveyard has the stones silently eroding telling no more of the stories of the heroes they commemorate than does the insensate earth they press upon. In contrast, the dishonor roll of rogues excites ever still the senses and arouses the passions and cupidities long after their day, everywhere there is a heart in which a spark of evil can be fanned to a blaze. Cursed jewels, things wrought of silver and gold, and keeps hewn of black basalt never lose their splendor.

This is what I hold and profess.

Grinning Skull (friendfeed (external link))

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