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Blog: Perfectly, deliciously evil
Description: The blog for the wiki, dedicated toward the advancement of evilcraft by supervillains and malignant geniuses of all sorts.
Created by GrinningSkull on Fri 12 of Sept., 2008 22:00 EDT
Last post Mon 22 of Oct., 2012 21:50 EDT
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Ping goes the tracer round

Who among us doesn't want to learn How to become invulnerable to bullets? Imagine striding out into pitched battle, facing an entire battalion of infantry spitting hot lead at your gloriously bared trunk to no ill effect, face twisted into rictus not of pain but of gloating! Ah yes, good, good times.

The trick indeed is to make something so phenomenal and technical look easy and effortless. My article should serve as a firm foundation to set you on the right path to your own blaze of incandescent slug-spraying glory. Shoot us a couple of pictures of yourself exercising this bit of wisdom in your own dastardly arc, why don't you.

Grinning Skull

Souls man

Somewhat reluctantly I have put together a new wiki entry on How to collect damned souls. Reluctance not from the subject itself, for which I have a fine respect, but rather from the less than perfectly fortunate associations I have with this segment of evildoing mainly due to the attitude of one fiend of my acquaintance.

We get together with this fellow and his harem now and then, more out of habit than any common feeling, but on each occasion find that the evening is dominated by long discussions of the merits of his extensive collection of vintage souls. I go along with this, at least up to a point, just to be neighborly, but after a while it starts to grate more than charm. I'll hold up an antique crystal globe and, by way of conversation, remark on the fine streak of ambition I can clearly see in the specimen, but then this collector will launch into how it is a common error, that that streak is not ambition but rather self-absorption and the fine details which allow one to tell the difference between the two, and down off the shelf will come a half dozen other examplars of one or the other, and I can not tell the difference! Because there is none! I looked!

Or something will remind the dude about the peculiarities of the sonic shriek emitted by one who has recently escaped drowning, and next comes an hour puttering around the back room placing first one, then another phial to his ear. No matter how firmly we protest that he need not recapitulate his beginner's guide to digital and analogue extractors, he will not be dissuaded. Any attempts to steer the conversation round to a normal subject like world domination always end up being shunted back to his one favorite topic.

I'd stop seeing the jerk entirely, but he owes me money.

Anyway, I feel obliged to add that not all soul collectors are like this, probably not even most of them, and that the article may be of some use to more reasonable mad scientist types who I urge to check it out.

Grinning Skull

Behold, I looked into the all-consuming void, and tweeted about it

Puny humans! Be informed that I Grinning Skull have carved out my claim on Twitter (external link)! You may now commence quailing before the might of my updates, if you so dare.

Also Friendfeed (external link). And Profilactic (external link), whose name I admit to admiring.

Here: (external link)
And here: (external link)
And here: (external link)

It is demonic, and it is all mine.

Grinning Skull

Human veal

We here at evilHow like to think ourselves as going against the common wisdom, conforming ourselves to no one's accepted views, no matter the personal cost. But in one issue we find ourselves unexpected and firmly in the mainstream, and that is the awfulness of other people's children. They run around and break your stuff, and they keep doing that shrieking thing, plus there''s the whole business of pumelling one another without provocation, and it strikes one how perfectly suited for the pursuit of evil these otherwise puny and insignificant packages of protoplasm are.

Yet, sad to say, evil will not raise itself, so the little budding monsters must undergo an expertly tailored formation to achieve a full flowering of their potential to dim the light of the world. That is why I offer to you the article How to interest young people in evil to suggest time-tested techniques which have proven their worth in the field and in the playground. Read, learn, enjoy, and apply in your own plotting.

Grinning Skull

Post to make the Bone Guy happy for once

So Grinning Skull has been going after me now for days about posting something to the stupid evil blog about the stupid cooking thing I posted on the wiki so's he'll can then go and Digg (external link) it and Reddit (external link) it and send it to his so-called friends to put their little revews about it on Stumble Upon (external link), and I was like "yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll do it" and he's all "how come you din't do it yet, huh?" and "look, I told you I'd do it" isn't like good enough for the guy, and I know it isn't as if he's got anything else to do besides play with the whaddya call it wiki or anything, and I don't think his friends (who aren't his friends, anyway, because he's like evil, Hello! evil dudes aren't even supposeta have friends) are like dying on account of not getting his little stumbleupon requests from him anyhow, they're probably relieved I'm thinkin', and since Mr. Skull would just not shut his yap about it, I finally caved, I gave in, I wrote the thing and I hope he likes it because I don't think he's ever, ever getting another, not if he keeps badgering me like that about his damn sabayon page that I only ever did because I had the recipe open in front of me anyways, whatever, enjoy your sabayon, buddy.

I'm just sayin'.


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