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Blog: Perfectly, deliciously evil
Description: The blog for the wiki, dedicated toward the advancement of evilcraft by supervillains and malignant geniuses of all sorts.
Created by GrinningSkull on Fri 12 of Sept., 2008 22:00 EDT
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Ooh, sharp, I am so scared

For all you swords and sorcery archmages and evil goblin kings, I put up a new post on How to defend against magic swords and other weapons. I hope it will help dispel some of the misplaced concern and outright misinformation that circulates among the evil community regarding these things. If I've faced down a magic sword, I've faced a dozen, so you can rest assured that I know whereof I speak.

Looking forward to your comments.

Grinning Skull

On spontaneity

We here at evilHow are happy to see all the new visitors lately and extend a warmly infernal welcome to one and all! Now we have our eye on you.

And for today, I'd like to reprint here a partial transcript of an interview I had with Bob B. Bahr III of Malefact magazine not too long ago. It sheds a little insight about how the successful evildoer is always alive to opportunities to do ill.

Bob B. Bahr III: Talk to me a little about the role of process in your work.

Grinning Skull: Well as you know, most of my work, when I was an active evil supervillain, has been of the sort that was meticulously plotted beforehand. It's a character trait of mine, and I've done pretty well by it.
I think it was the Krandor Fields even that first really brought home to me who powerful it was to be able to go with the moment. Whatever presents itself! There are evil accidents, sometimes, which glitter like dark gems in the rubble.

BBB III: Hmm. So you had a sort of black epiphany at Krandor.

GS: Yes, yes, epiphany, absoloutely! Well, not quite, since it was something that I'd been mulling over and worrying about for some time even earlier. Just one example for you: You know, I discovered by perfect chance one night how perverse it made me feel whenever I would gnaw on the femurs of my victims!

BBB III: Which you wouldn't think.

GS: No, not based on my prior experience. So I'd pile up a big pile of these and gnaw on them and spit them out and just start to savor the moment. And that one little thing would make me think that not everything I did really had to fit into my theme, they didn't have to further the bigger picture, it could just be something that I would do because it was bad, and because I was bad, and that was fine.

BBB III: Without any planning.

GS: No plotting, no thinking, nothing. Just go ahead and do it if it feels bad, you know? In fact, just today I was driving into your studios here from my secret lair, a big pile of fresh femurs beside me on the passenger side, a couple of clavicles too, and I pull into the parking lot and see this gorgeous, this incredible convertible parked out in front with the top down. It was there all sparkly and sleek and gleaming in the sun and I just felt this amazing surge of bile out of nowhere. It was a wave of evil, I'm telling you, and what I did was to pull up right beside that car, purely on a whim, mind you. I went up and chucked a big nasty gory chaw of femur grinds up into that convertible, and when I looked at how it looked all over the upholstery and interior, I just laughed maniacally!

BBB III: Convertible...a blue Audi TT...?

GS: Exactly, Bob. I was feeling evil and did something evil and it didn't have to mean anything. It was all just part of the process.

BBB III: Thank you Grinning Skull, that will be all the time we have for the interview. I have to go.

I think it fits in nicely with our article on How to come up with brand new evil schemes. Have fun and keep on gnawing.

The world gone bad

It is my privilege to launch this blog to spread word about the evilHow wiki, the site devoted to teaching evil supervillains their craft without the sugarcoating that films and books indulge in. In the fullness of time we will be pondering the basic questions about the nature and perfection of evil, but right now I, Grinning Skull, would like to take this opportunity to repost some remarks I made to a meeting of the regional evildoers' organization here as its immediate past president.
Dear friends and dishonored guests, in my view of the state of this world in which we live: the state of evil is GOOD

The evidence is everywhere around us, and it gives me no little pleasure to review the list. There have been waves of cruelty and selfishness reaching historical highs the last couple of years. Mankind is now unusually receptive to evil, especially among the young in many societies, owing to improved access to evil tools and techniques. These are mostly grassroots movements in which young people are experiencing evil on their own, not organized by a larger figure (usually) toward a bigger whole.

The mass appetite for evil images and evil concepts continues to grow steadily as it has been for some time. Hollywood is a great boost as always, with their recent quality products showcasing depraved acts of unusual cretivity: financial venality, rampant infidelity, decency ever trampled, and naked dishonesty (both real and fictional). Here, as in the real, political, world, I note a broadbased decline in tolerance.

Still, there are some things which trouble the thoughtful aficionado of vice. There are no evil menaces stepping forward to make a credible case about destroying the world, no one stands astride the summit letting hurl his challenge to the heavens. Those who claim to be princes of evil are in reality either dormant or plotting in secret.

In a way, however, this is a challenge and an opportunity for us. The potential for a supervillain to make hay these days is unparalleled. Even a bad guy of humble origins can realistically aspire to great and possibly world-changing deeds leading to worldwide infamy.

I do look forward to promotions of the aims and interests of the group, a feeling shared by Madame Novafyre and my familiar Veeper as well.

I would like to close with just a few words to scheme by, which have often helped me in a tight scrape or two of my own. Laughter
  1. You are only as evil as your last evil deed.
  2. Keep striving, learning and growing.
  3. A man is only as vicious as he feels.

Thank you, your dark lordships, and happy hunting.

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