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Blog: Perfectly, deliciously evil
Description: The blog for the wiki, dedicated toward the advancement of evilcraft by supervillains and malignant geniuses of all sorts.
Created by GrinningSkull on Fri 12 of Sept., 2008 22:00 EDT
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We will be back

Schwarzenegger,Fair warning to all residents of this planet: we will be resuming our schedule of updates to our evil knowledge base on Sunday the 7th of August. We have a full schedule of diabolic tips, practical escapades, and dire admonitions to pass on to our far-flung audience of malefactors. I can promise an exciting lineup of topics for Season 3 ranging from fresh looks at the old classics to delvings into the unfathomably arcane designed to strengthen every aspect of a well-rounded villain's bag of tricks without exception. Fans of Capella Novafyre and Veeper will be gratified to know that they will be along for their usual stints, joined not only by my own self but by a brand new Evilhow team member whose identity will be revealed all in good time. All in good time, my dears.

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On the excesses of idolatry

PhookaOne thing I would like to understand someday is the tendency of people to idolize celebrities they have never met, and to be perfectly truthful, this is only partly to further my own ends. It seems to me that I can admire a charismatic individual, aspire to emulate the qualities they exemplify, work toward the causes they are trying to advance, but there comes a point beyond which I refuse to dwell on that person's identity in preference to my own. This is especially the case when the admired person is simply someone playing a part, not even saying lines that come from their own head, or, often, wearing their own skin. My speculation is that this is a mechanism which provides comfort to those of less fully developed personalities so they can imagine themselves taking on superior (or, contrariwise, despicable) qualities in some alternate universe in which the current set of characteristics that define them would not be missed. How much better than to play make-believe it is to do whatever thing it is that astonishes or dismays, pursuing a path that cannot be compared to any precursor owing to its unique expression of the nature of one's being?

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A paean to be experienced by all

Beepbeep!When you are bone-weary (and I understand what it is to be bone-weary), the miles stretch on like hostile redshirts who must be defeated individually, and the ticking of the clock seems to have slowed to nothing as if plowing through aspic, that is when you know that you are on a road trip the likes of which would gladden the heart of a torturer. It has been some time since I have engaged in this sort of self-flagellation, but just as one never steps in the same river twice, one never seems really to leave the primordial road trip in a deeper sense, one merely takes respite of longer or shorter duration between legs of the trek. It combines random assaults on the senses with extended sessions of the gaping void and subjects the individual to the most efficient inflicters of pain on the planet, I.e., other people. As a way to toughen the aspiring thug or the washed-up declining megalomaniac, I regard a long trip to have few peers, at least among options which are easily affordable.

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The goo's on you

Did.I just want to say one thing about this signature dessert of mine and that’s if some people are going to sit back and complain that they don’t care for the way this turned out or how that was served in such and such particular way, as if they had any part in the production besides sniping from the sidelines, or afterwards if everything was executed to their satisfaction, how there should have been more and why wasn’t there any thought to putting up some leftovers as well, while at the same time complaining about how much they had stuffed themselves to a disgusting degree and they don’t know why they ever thought they should have partaken of that monstrous amount anyway, even if it could have used some vanilla bean imported from Papua New Guinea, then those same individuals shouldn’t be surprised if they themselves become a prominent part of the next installment of this Valentine’s Day get-together not so much as a guest out on the margin but something much, much more central, in a way they are not going to have a really big opportunity to forget.


Hammer time

OurBy all rights, the upcoming Loki film (external link) shall be blogged about only by those reviewers using this keyboard (external link), which will better stir up the circulatory and skeletal muscular systems in the individual to enter in to the bodily experience. And if the reviews were printed in a typeface based on Old Norse runes (external link) in an ink the color of clotted blood, so much the better. Thus is my decree.

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