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Your puny metal alloys are no match for my power

CrackersIf one mentally divides the contents of the Earth into things which are contained within safes and vaults and things which are outside, one will find that the value of the former greatly exceeds the total of the latter, making those items that much more suitable for larceny. Those who own the items locked up have employed various barriers to frustrate this aim, making the study of how to crack into vaults one which villains have traditionally ranked as among the most mentally stimulating and physically challenging of all their unlawful acts. The invention of a means of breaching a locked stronghold unforeseen by its designer is much esteemed by fellow evildoers, particularly if it combines elegance with an economy of means commensurate with the contents.

I can state this on the basis of my study of the actions of your inferior species and my judgement is without error.

Until such time as valuables can be secreted within black holes, at any rate, it is unlikely that any treasure trove can ultimately be considered impervious to a determined attacker. And by determined, we generally mean greedy, for it is the thought of the rich payoff that inspires a villain to exert himself or herself to take on one of these frustrating objectives in the first place.


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