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The tramps and the wannabes come over to be seen

_MG_2456So I'm glad to give people a reason to stop asking me when I'm going to be putting something else up to read here on the blog after months and months of hearing about it from my fans, now that we're in our new season finally (number 4!) these groupies of ours can read about themselves in How to attract groupies and probably recognize one or two identifying traits and figure out what makes them click with the evildoer scene if it isn't obvious already. I could tell you about the different types I've run into during my time, what distinguishing characteristics they have and what separates one type from the next but the thing of it is that even publishing on internet time won't keep up with the trends that come through and are suddenly vanished, so anything I put down here is just going to be sad and out of date and who wants that on her byline? I love watching them come and go though, like birds at the bird feeder or whatever you would call it with zombies instead, it's all about the bending of the rules to the breaking point which we don't otherwise get enough of in my humble opinion. Some of them are dopes but that's just amusing in a different way if you know what I'm saying. What fun.


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