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As a vegan serpent, I am extremely particular about exactly one sets puts into action the steps needed for How to run a restaurant, because it is not simply just a matter of throwing a hunk of dead flesh onto a hot skillet, squirting something from a bottle on top, and plating it up. There is a keen level of precision called for in running a successful restaurant not unlike the total concentration a mad genius musters while directing a series of hurricanes against a helpless coastal city. This sometimes comes as a shock when a supervillain down on his luck is simply trying to find a simple method of earning some cash on the side while biding his time.

Studies show that the typical person in a modern society will change their career path something like five times over their lifetime, and insane masterminds are really no different in that respect. Not every villain turning to the hospitality trade plans to poison their customers or to turn them into frozen meat pies they can sell on the side. Just some of them. There are those who really just miss the opportunity to use their creativity to construct edible works of art which harmonize in a holistic way with the entirety of the meal and the fine wine which accompanies it, an activity one rarely finds when shuttling from battlefield to dungeon to charnel house as is often their lot.

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