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We used to call him Purelito

Hospitaller One of the most maddening adversaries I ever had to deal with was one of those holy warriors who now and then crop up around hapless evildoers like bedbugs. This was a young fellow apparently filled with zeal to wipe the likes of me off of the planet at a time when I was very much disinclined to make my exit, and it grated on me like a maddening itch that could not be scratched. Though not terribly well equipped with offensive might of arm or supernatural aid, this earnest young drone would contrive to get under my skin in a dozen different ways on your average day, whether by skulking around my woods or calling for my overthrow in the neighboring market town or even rendering assistance to one of the captives I'd been holding who arranged to wander off on their own in a manner necessitating costly and annoying efforts to relocate same. Apparently my mission statement at the time made for a poor fit for this fellow's creed, which he took to mean that it was up to him to arrange for a final epic showdown. I was busy at the time, not terribly interested in the meager stakes accompanying the challenge, and frankly offended by the simplistic nature of the guy's construction of the world and my role in it, and for years I refused to have any part of it.

I wonder whatever happened to the fellow, who I lost track of over a decade ago. Now and then I hear talk of that individual (whose name I've apparently managed to forget utterly) somehow setting his sights on some other supervillain off in an area I rarely spend much time visiting. It is also probably the case that the hiatus I put on full-blown operations to concentrate more on my educational mission had taken away some of the urgency my adversary was feeling, causing him to drift away bit by bit. It happened so gradually I never did take down the whole set of countermeasures I'd built up over the years, which I determined would have been more of a hassle to decommission properly than it was all worth. What a waste of effort, I think sometimes, shaking my head.

Grinning Skull

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