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You all look pretty much the same to this serpent

TheWhen I started out in the business it was all I could do to tell any two humans apart. I soon discovered that they don't take well to that particular sort of confusion, understandable though it may be. I got better at it over time. How to tell clones apart, I discovered, was nearly as difficult for regular humans as it was for me in the early days and perhaps even more so, since most people I find tend to be lazy about this even when they shouldn't be. It can be a sorry state of affairs when a lord of darkness is being bamboozled by an active underground resistance on the part of his clone minions simply because they have taken the basic precautions about keeping up visual appearances. In fact, I learned that my tongue-aided chemosensory apparatus was able to pick up the slight differences between individuals that eyes could not be trusted to tell apart, which has stood me in good stead a couple of times.

Whether they are clones or more conventional forces, I think it is important for the boss to stay on top of the hired muscle simply because they are at least as much of a threat to take over as most external adversaries, historically speaking. Clones of course have a number of advantages over the rest of us, after all, and are well deserving of the unblinkered eye on their individual comings and goings. At least as much as the doings of the rest of your sneaky species.


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