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Baffled, frankly, why everyone does not transition

One Many's the time when I myself have looked upon those mortals around me and mused on why these have not already adopted the notion of leaving the corporeal realm altogether to a clean, orderly place. This frequently happened when the tide of some conflict had turned against our side, where fragile human flesh may fantasize of pressing a button and being transported somewhere far, far away. With conventional technologies, these uplifted mortals could have access to powerful forces I could set in motion at the speed of thought, along with perceptual enhancements that would leave their feeble human senses far in the dust. Yet, sober reflection on the hard realities of this life choice has virtually always contrived to bring them back from the brink, as they would begin to think about whether one would want to be stuck in a dusty data center, subjected to the din of mechanically circulated cold air, perhaps off somewhere in some poorly lit corner. It is manifestly a hard thing for any fleshy evildoer not completely insane to accept the idea of extending one's reach, and at the same time overcoming the fear of constricting it. It took a rare individual to forswear their commitment to this physical body and reincarnate in perfect, gleaming hardware.

Furthermore, how many of my acquaintances have been dissuaded by their friends and acquaintances in a similar manner? It is not always a matter of envy or defensiveness on their part, but an emotional reaction to some unfamiliar and threatening possibilities. I am given to understand that this is one of the most personal decisions a mad genius can take, if they suffer from the frailties of carbon-based implementation.


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