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What do you mean I'm holding it upside down?

When you need an edge, heck, when you need all the edges in the bag of knives, it pays to know How to exploit advanced technology. Even if you think you do not, you probably do anyway. The old saying "Don't bring a knife to a gunfight" so soon becomes "Don't bring a pistol to a war of aerial bombardment," then "Don't bring a bomber to a airborne pestilence attack" and so on. Keep up or die is the great lesson that history repeats over and over again, and if you are the sort of individual planning to conquer the entire planet, it behooves you to master the most advanced tech you can obtain.

I remember many happy hours going through the trash heaps of lost civilizations, first on my own and later with hired crews of excavators, hoping to score just one artifact that would inspire awe among researchers. I still have a few shards of glassy-smooth, indestructible silvery metal in my treasure cabinet from those times, though I never did find the legendary planet-buster I was hoping to come up with. Still, it was all time and effort well spent, as the enterprise turned out to be an excellent means of sorting out the loyal and committed minions from the stupid, careless, and lazy oafs who were trying to skate by by attaching themselves to me, and even helped uncover one surprise in the form of a spy for the forces of Good in the ranks. But more of that at another time.

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