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An old family specialty I care nothing about

Taco Here I go again, writing on a subject I have zero personal stake in owing to my vegan diet. I talked to Capella about how this was really a lifestyle/dining article like she usually does and she just about took my head off saying that anything having to do with critters was mine and mine alone. So I came back with "How about if we had an article about sewing uniforms from the pelts of beasts? Or operating robotic barracudas? Or playing cards against shaggy alien quadrupeds?" But she expressed the opinion that all of these proposed topics would be my responsibility too whether I like it or not, in a way that was more forceful than I appreciated. Okay, okay, message received already.

I am halfway inclined to try an experiment where I inject just enough animal/minion/henchman content into every article so that I end up taking over this whole freaking site and see whether anyone notices. What they'll notice, unfortunately, is my desiccated corpse from having to work four times as hard as before while not being paid any different. I do believe I either have to work out the kinks a bit more, or convince someone else in our merry band to give it a try first.


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