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Counting the days before housecleaning season

I’ll be glad when all this Season 2 business is over so that we can spend just a little time on a bunch the unseemly nitty-gritty items that go along with operating a full-time evil locus of evil, not least of which including getting the reek out of the dungeon, a thing which I have been dreaming of for some years now, seeing as how the bedroom window just happens to be looking out right over the sulfurous haze (Skull guy says it’s called a “miasma” but whatever) that gathers around the reptoid pens down there and makes it so I can’t even think about opening it for a little fresh air during the good weather for fear that I would end up falling down stone dead one morning overcome by smarmy fumes. And it doesn’t seem to bother anyone else for some reason. That won’t matter at the time when it counts, though, because I have already planned out in my mind which of the henchmen and captives will be on which detail down there, whether they like it or not.

I bet the guys working for the other side don’t have to put up with this in their fancy places and all that fresh air and sunshine they have all the time. It’s just too bad I couldn’t put up with all that other baggage that goes with sweet-smelling living quarters.


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