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Past glories, sigh

GirlMe and the former warrior maidens went out to this pub we know in the city this last weekend, not intending to do anything really bad, at least not in a premeditated way, but just to enjoy a change in the scenery for a bit and get away from the boring old (and smelly (external link)) parts for a while, reliving some of the past glory, and looking to see whether what once made each of us tick in our warrior maiden hearts was still alive at all and hopefully still detectable. Each of us eventually found what it was we were looking for (some after a few pints, admittedly) and we all agreed that the warrior maiden streak is one that runs pretty deep in a girl even if she finds herself tidying up and paying bills years after her heyday raiding and slinging arrows and whatnot, and that sometimes it is like we just want to regress (also re-dress) to those times of vigor and raw living and bring that back to life. Pathetic, huh? Well that’s what the barkeep kept saying up until the group of us gave him the bum rush back into the back shelf of liqueurs, and who knew how hard those are to get out of clothes?

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